“Classic” Blue Laser Pointer 2mW – 5mW

Astronomy Lasers

## Classic Blue Laser Pointer: Experience Stability and Precision

The Classic Blue Laser Pointer, one of the original blue laser pointers available, is renowned for its exceptional stability. This pragmatic and innovative device sets a benchmark in laser technology. Its elegant handheld design makes it a must-have for any laser enthusiast. The 473nm wavelength is ideal for various research applications.

Crafted with precision, the Blue Laser Pointer boasts a durable black polished brass laser body, ensuring longevity. Its TEM00 transverse mode produces a sharp and focused beam, ideal for astronomy, presentations, and lab applications. The adjustable output power of 2mW to 5mW allows for customized brightness. With a beam divergence of ~1.5 mRad and a beam diameter of 1.5mm, it offers precise accuracy.

Powered by a CR2 Lithium Battery, this laser pointer operates seamlessly at temperatures ranging from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. Its momentary on/off button ensures safe and convenient use. The expected lifetime of over 5000 hours and 12-month warranty provide peace of mind. Explore the world of today at laserpointermall.com and discover the versatility and precision of this classic device.

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