“Groove” 100mW – 200mW Green Laser Pointer

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The Ultimate “Groove” 100mW – 200mW Green Laser Pointer: Precision, Power, and Versatility

The “Groove” 100mW or 200mW are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Its solid aircraft-grade aluminum body ensures durability, while its adjustable focus allows for precise targeting and enhanced burning capabilities. Whether you need a powerful tool for outdoor activities or a high-performance laser for presentations and demonstrations, the “Groove” laser pointer is an unparalleled choice. Backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty, this laser pointer guarantees peace of mind and longevity.

The “Groove” laser pointer emits a true 532nm green beam with an impressive beam range of 4000M+. Its 100mW or 200mW output power provides ample intensity for a wide range of applications. From igniting matches to popping balloons, this laser pointer showcases its versatility and precision. Additionally, its 1.5mRad beam divergence and 2.0mm beam diameter ensure focused and well-defined beams. Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast pointing out celestial bodies or a professional using lasers for precise measurements, the “Groove” laser pointer will exceed your expectations.

Every “Groove” laser pointer comes complete with essential accessories. It includes a rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery, a charger, a tech lanyard, two safety lock keys, a belt loop holster, and a one-year warranty. This comprehensive package ensures that you have everything you need to operate your laser pointer safely and efficiently.

To purchase the “Groove” 100mW or 200mW laserpointermall.com for an unparalleled laser experience. Experience the precision, power, and versatility of the “Groove” laser pointer and elevate your next adventure or presentation.

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