Introducing the “PX2” 100mW Purple Laser Pointer

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Introducing the “PX2” 100mW Purple Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointers “PX2” 100mW Purple Laser Pointer is a remarkable device that emits a stunning violet laser beam with a wavelength of 405nm. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, its sleek design ensures durability and portability. The constant on/off switch provides ease of use.

The PX2 excels in versatility, with a lightweight design that makes it an ideal travel companion. Its 100mW output power and 405nm wavelength combine to produce an intense violet light beam that is highly visible in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether for astronomical observations, presentations, or emergency signaling, the PX2 delivers exceptional performance.

Every PX2 Laser Pointer comes equipped with a battery, charger, tech lanyard, and a 1-year warranty from Its meticulous engineering ensures a beam divergence of 1.5 mRad and a beam diameter of approximately 1.5mm. The expected lifetime exceeds 5000 hours, with a recommended duty cycle of 100 seconds on and 30 seconds off. With its exceptional power and versatility, the “PX2” 100mW Purple Laser Pointer is an essential tool for astronomers, educators, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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