Introducing the “Titan” Green Hand Held Laser: Power, Precision, and Safety

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Introducing the “Titan” Green Hand Held Laser: Power, Precision, and Safety

Prepare to be awestruck by the “Titan” Keyswitch Green Laser System, the pinnacle of laser technology meticulously crafted with laboratory-grade quality. This all-inclusive laser pointer boasts an astounding output power of 100mW or 500mW, guaranteed to meet the demanding needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Unveiling an exceptional array of safety features, the “Titan” laser ensures responsible and safe operation. Its precision-engineered keyswitch design, aperture shutter, 2-second delay, safety interlock, and LED indicator collectively minimize potential hazards. Furthermore, this comprehensive laser package includes safety goggles, keys, a battery, a charger, a carrying case, and a generous 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind for extended use.

Featuring sleek and robust construction, the “Titan” laser boasts a compact size of 195mm x 38mm, rendering it highly portable and ideal for hands-on applications. Its polished metal body exudes durability and sophistication. With a beam range of 1000M+ to 5000M+ (10,000M in darkness) and a beam divergence of <1.0mRad, the laser beam remains focused and powerful throughout its trajectory. Discover the "Titan" laser today and harness the extraordinary power of precision and safety in one exceptional device. Visit to add this remarkable laser to your arsenal of professional laser tools.

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