“IR1” Laser Pointer 808nm – 980nm – 1064nm – 1342nm

Astronomy Lasers

Introducing the Versatile “IR1” Infrared Laser Pointer

The “IR1” infrared laser pointer offers unparalleled versatility for various applications. Available in 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm, and 1342nm wavelengths, this is perfect for precise targeting and alignment tasks in fields such as surveying, medical diagnostics, and more. Its FDA approval, air cooling system, and high-stability diode ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

The “IR1” laser pointer boasts an impressive output power of 1-400mW and a beam divergence of ~0.9-1.4 mRad, making it both powerful and precise. Its compact size (13x167mm) and lightweight design ensure portability and ease of use. The durable black-polished brass laser body provides excellent durability and a professional appearance.

Furthermore, the “IR1” infrared laser pointer features a TEM00 transverse mode for a stable and concentrated beam. Its expected lifetime of over 5000 hours and 12-month warranty provide peace of mind and long-lasting performance. Visit laserpointermall.com to learn more about this versatile and reliable laser pointer.

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