PX9 Series 300mW Purple Handheld Laser

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## PX9 Series 300mW Purple Handheld Laser: The Most Powerful 405nm Violet Beam Laser

Introducing the PX9 Series 300mW Purple Handheld Laser, the most powerful 405nm violet beam laser available. With its sleek design and new black polished brass finish, this laser is a must-have for laser enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The PX9 Series laser boasts an impressive output power of 30mW to 300mW, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including astronomy, laser shows, and scientific research. The laser’s beam divergence is less than 1.2 mRad, ensuring a focused and precise beam. Its operating temperature range of 15-35°C makes it suitable for use in a variety of environments. Additionally, the laser features a continuous on/off push-button switch for ease of use. With an expected lifetime of over 5000 hours and a 6-month warranty, the PX9 Series laser is a reliable and durable investment.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful laser for your next project or simply want to add to your collection, the PX9 Series 300mW Purple Handheld Laser is an excellent choice. Visit laserpointermall.com to learn more and browse our selection of .

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