The “BXL” 4,200mW (4.2W) Blue Laser System: The World’s Most Powerful Blue Laser

The “BXL” 4,200mW (4.2W) Blue Laser System: The World’s Most Powerful Blue Laser

The “BXL” 4,200mW (4.2W) Blue Laser System is the world’s most powerful . It emits a deep and brilliant 445nm blue laser beam that is unmatched by any other laser system. Utilizing internal cooling, it provides an unlimited duty cycle, allowing for continuous operation without the need for cooling down periods. The BXL also boasts an improved safety locking mechanism for added peace of mind.

Included Accessories and Features

Each “BXL” Laser System comes with a comprehensive package of free accessories, including safety goggles, a safety key lock, an expanded lens kit, a metal carrying case, and two lithium batteries with a charger. The improved laser body is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and reliability. The included lens kit enables stunning visual effects, making it an ideal choice for demonstrations and presentations.

Specifications and Warranty

The “BXL” Blue Laser System features a wavelength of 445nm and a maximum power output of 4,200mW (4.2W). It has a beam divergence of 1.5mRad and a beam shape of 2.0mm x 5mm. The laser is powered by two lithium 16340 batteries, providing a battery lifetime of 30-120 minutes. With its continuous wave (CW) duty cycle and expected lifetime of 5,000 hours, the BXL offers exceptional performance and longevity. It comes backed by a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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