## The “Titan”: The Ultimate Green Laser Pointer

Astronomy Lasers

Introducing the “Titan” Keyswitch Green Laser System, the pinnacle of laser technology engineered to the highest laboratory standards. This all-inclusive package offers unparalleled performance and safety, catering to the most demanding enthusiasts. With output power ranging from 100mW to 500mW, the “Titan” delivers an unmatched beam intensity that can penetrate darkness with ease.

The “Titan” boasts an array of safety features that meet all FDA requirements. Its integrated keyswitch, aperture shutter, 2-second delay, safety interlock, and LED indicator ensure responsible use. Every laser is meticulously tested and guaranteed to exceed its rated power, providing peace of mind and optimal performance. Each “Titan” package includes essential accessories such as safety goggles, keys, a battery and charger, a hard aluminum carrying case, and a one-year warranty.

With its outstanding specifications, the “Titan” excels in various applications. Its beam range extends up to 5000 meters in daylight and an astonishing 10,000 meters in darkness, making it an ideal tool for astronomy, stargazing, and long-distance signaling. Its compact design and portability allow for effortless use in both indoor and outdoor environments. For those seeking the most powerful and reliable on the market, look no further than the “Titan” from laserpointermall.com.

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