“VR2” 200mW Red Laser Pointer

## Introducing the Revolutionary “VR2” 200mW Red Laser Pointer

Prepare to be illuminated by the extraordinary “VR2” 200mW Red Laser Pointer. This exceptional device boasts a brilliant 650-660nm red beam, offering unparalleled brightness and clarity. Its remarkable enhancements include an improved duty cycle, allowing for longer continuous operation, and a robust aircraft-grade aluminum body, ensuring exceptional durability.

The “VR2” Red Laser Pointer offers a wide range of benefits, including a focusable beam width for precise targeting, a beam divergence of 1.5mRad, and a beam diameter of 2.0mm. Its durable construction guarantees a hassle-free experience. Each laser comes complete with batteries, a charger, a tech lanyard, and a generous 1-year warranty.

Discover the infinite possibilities of the “VR2” 200mW Red Laser Pointer. Use it for astronomy, presentations, educational purposes, or simply as a pointer for your furry friend. Its brilliant beam will captivate and illuminate your world. Order yours today from laserpointerhome.com, the trusted source for high-quality .

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